Water heaters play an important role during the winter although their use is relatively modest in warmer climates like Dubai. A professional is required to install the water heater as it is a bit complicated to install it yourself. Remember that not all technicians are qualified professionals. The water heater can be damaged if improperly installed. The following mistakes should be avoided when installing a water heater


Buying the wrong size hot water system

Most of the time, people buy water heaters that are too big for their needs. A standard bathtub uses 50 to 80 gallons of hot water. But depending on your needs, choosing the best model will not only save you money on initial and ongoing costs. However, buying a system that is too large will waste resources such as time and money. Therefore, you need expert advice on the best hot water system.


Putting it in a risk area

The location of your water heater is critical to its performance, convenience and protection. Warehouses, lofts, and sub-floors may not be able to place hot water heaters depending on specific regulations. Since modern models are larger and better insulated than earlier ones, you cannot conclude that the same location will work if you replace an older water heater. A professional plumber will ensure that your water heater has the right space and accessibility, as well as enough ventilation.


Incorrect soldering

Soldering the cable too close to the water tank is a typical mistake of a mechanic when installing a water heater. Surrounding conductors may melt as the machine heats up. Leave one connection and connect a new one away from the pipes connected to the heater to avoid accidents.

Activating without first filling the water

This is also another mistake we often make at home. The heater will be damaged if the water heater is turned on without water. A water dish that is too hot without water will burn the coils in the house and cause a fire. So, before turning on the water heater, quickly check if there is water in the house by opening the faucet.


You can do a lot of chores around the house on your own. We do not believe that installing a water heater is one of them. Trusting the experts at Handyman dxb Maintenance is the wisest solution. Call us now to schedule an appointment. We have 25 years of plumbing expertise in Dubai with skilled and knowledgeable staff.

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